Jewelry is an intrinsic part of Indian culture. I grew up watching my mother and grandmother wear beautiful jewelry, and adorning me with jewelry since being a baby. In the Indian tradition, regardless of your social class or means, this is perfectly normal.

So it’s no surprise that I truly love creating beautiful jewelry, as wearing it makes me feel so good, sacred and beautiful.

Femininity has been considered supremely sacred in the ancient Indian tradition, having been worshiped as the Supreme Goddess who has created and sustains the universe. You will notice any image of a goddess in the Indian tradition being adorned by beautiful and meaningful ornaments.

Wearing beautiful jewelry is therefore an act of honoring and respecting one’s own Self as the very image of the Goddess. It serves as a constant reminder to the wearer that she is inherently divine, and can evoke the same feeling of awe, tranquility and bliss in the beholder of a beautifully adorned woman.

I use either precious or semi-precious healing stones that are not only beautiful, but in my experience also have a wonderful effect on the wearer.