The tunic dresses, which are known as Kurtis, have been hand-made by Indian women artisans for the past hundred’s of years.

Being Indian, I have been exposed to these styles of tunics and dresses from a young age, and I still truly love them for their timeless beauty and appeal.

Historically, our type of Kurti was hand-embroidered in heavy silks and brocades with gold and silver threads for the royal classes, during the period when India was still ruled by the famed Maharajas. This particular style is known as the ‘Lucknowi’ Kurtis. This special embroidery is still being lovingly created by skilled women artisans.

While retaining the basic principles of this old tradition, Avani Kurtis are made for today’s women. The designs are hand-selected and adapted, the fit is tailored and ready to wear, and the fabrics used are pleasing, practical and affordable.

We are encouraging these women to continue the tradition of this beautiful hand-embroidery art, by using simple cotton and silk threads on vegetable dyed fabrics, such as cottons, light silks and Chiffon’s.

Not only do these Kurtis look very regal and beautiful but they are also very comfortable and easy to maintain. They don’t need dry cleaning but can simply be washed in the washing machine on a light cycle, whereas the silk and chiffon Kurtis can simply be hand-washed.

These Kurtis are great to wear either as casual but elegant day wear, or even as dresses for semi-formal events.
I sincerely hope that you will love these unique garments too, as every purchase encourages these Indian women to continue their craft, and strongly supports them in their quest to be a self-sufficient, productive and independent member of their community.